International transport

To make the right choice of a reliable and affordable carrier is not easy all along. Leave this task with our professional team. IMMIX has always put a great emphasis on selecting reliable partners. Currently we maintain strong relationships based on confidence, trust, and a long-term cooperation with more than fifty verified carriers.
Thus we manage extensive transport capacities and we are able to provide professional services in truck, shipping and air transport.

Our professional agents provide full execution and control of every shipment as from order up to delivery.. Direct contact with the driver allows our staff precise monitoring of the transport process.

Proper security and cargo insurance in accordance with CMR convention is commonplace. Moreover, our company has also contracted liability insurance for freight forwarders.
We can offer our customers supplemental insurance on individual high-value shipments anywhere in the world. Unlike general liability insurance, insurance on individual shipments in transit is variable and can be adapted to the type of shipping and nature of the consignment This insurance can be arranged by the consignor, consignee, or the carrier itself.

Having professional know-how, we are able to provide solutions to oversize and special transports including necessary permits and licences in a respective country..

We provide transportation of full truck shipments within the Czech and Slovak Republic in the range of 1 - 24 tons, respectively, 4 -33 pallets.

There is also a possibility of temporary storage during transportation, including ensuring the safe handling of goods and packaging.

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