All parcels we ship for you include carrier’s liability insurance in accordance with the international CMR Convention. According to this convention the carrier pays for damage up to a certain amount and is held responsible only for the portion of the damages which could have arisen during shipment. This insurance therefore does not by far cover all property risks which might occur during the course of shipment of goods.

We therefore offer supplemental insurance of your shipment in the form of Cargo Insurance, which is not restricted to the limits established for compensation of damages according to the CMR Convention, for example. What’s more, this service is flexible, allowing you to set the scope of the insurance against the most serious or only selected insured risks, or at your request insurance of shipments against all risks and dangers (damage, destruction, loss) up to 100% of the value of the goods.

Our offering of Cargo Insurance significantly increases your certainty during all forms of shipping across the globe.
We offer supplemental insurance on shipments as part of our international transport, exhibition freight forwarding and groupage services. This supplemental insurance is offered on agreed terms with AIG Europe Limited, a subsidiary for the Czech Republic.

Through the network of AIG Europe Limited branch offices in more than 130 countries, our clients have access to incident specialists who understand local laws and commercial practice and have longtime experience with solving even the most complex incidents in their countries and the world over. That means we do not have to rely on adjustors or other external providers when dealing with the damages of our clients.
With the help of our partner AIG Europe Limited we therefore offer our clients first-class service and the ability to immediately respond to incidents during transport anywhere in the world.

You can find out more about supplemental insurance for shipments quite easily with the help of our inquiry form

Supplemental insurance must be arranged before the shipment begins.

You can contact us by phone or email with your questions as listed below, where we can provide more detailed information on the conditions and options for supplemental insurance for your shipment.

ContactHana Hřebíčková
Cell phone: +420 722 122 186

International transport of goods is a complex process, in the course of which a wide range of issues can arise not only on the part of the carrier, but also the sender.
Our company therefore has contracted liability insurance for freight forwarders, which covers targeted damages arising during the handling of the shipment for which the sender is held responsible, up to the amount of CZK 5,000,000.

Examples of damages covered by freight forwarders’ liability insurance:

  • Damages resulting from providing incorrect information to the carrier
  • Damages arising from the incorrect transport arrangement
  • Damages resulting from incorrect data in shipping documents
  • Damages arising from the use of inappropriate transport methods
  • Damages arising during the storage, palleting, wrapping or labeling of goods

Quality contractual arrangements with suitable insurance products can enable us to provide our clients with a feeling of calm and certainty through the entire course of completing their assignment.


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